The Everyday Fashion Mistakes Destroying Your Outfits

The everyday mistakes that could be dampening your style.

The Everyday Fashion Mistakes Destroying Your Outfits
The Everyday Fashion Mistakes Destroying Your Outfits

Every person has their personal fashion style – whether it be bright colours and patterns or monochrome and minimalist looks. However, there are some simple rules of fashion that we can forget that can be impeding your everyday outfits.

These mistakes are common to make but making sure you fix these will elevate your style in seconds.

Not Ironing

It doesn’t matter how casual the look you’re going for is, stepping outside with a crinkled shirt can seriously be detrimental to your outfit. Not everyone has the time (or patience) for ironing, we get it, so if this is you, opt for materials that aren’t linen or silk.

Accentuating Too Much

A rule of thumb is to accentuate one part of your body – either your top half or bottom. You don’t want to overwhelm the look and you want to create a balance so the part you are accentuating actually stands out. For example, pair a short skirt with a high neckline.

Scruffy Shoes

You’ll be amazed how far clean shoes goes in elevating your outfit. Particularly for those who love the white-sneaker look, there’s nothing more off putting then dirty shoes. It’s also the first thing a lot of people will notice about an outfit, whether or not they tell you.

Not Dressing to Your Body

Bodies come in so many different shapes and sizes, and every garment is going to look different on somebody else. Take the time to work out what your body shape is and dress accordingly. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, wear tight-fitting tops to show off your waist and avoid flowy dresses. This tip will be a real game-changer if done correctly.

Wearing Clothes You’re Not Comfortable In

The beauty of fashion is that you can go for any style you want – something simple and elegant or something bolder and daring. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re comfortable in it. You don’t want to be readjusting a neckline all night or pulling down your skirt all the time.

These everyday fashion mistakes are behaviours we’re all guilty of doing. It’s important to be mindful of them, because you can very easily fix them and help to make your outfit that much better.