How Do I Create A Vision For My Future?

The first crucial step to creating the life of your dreams is to create a vision for your future.

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How Do I Create A Vision For My Future

The first crucial step to creating the life of your dreams is to create a vision for your future. Why? In order to achieve it, we must first see it. Creating a vision, both written or in a visual format (like a vision board) is a crucial first step in going after the life of your dreams.

Your vision is your road map, and more so, your vision is your promise of what you shall one day be. It’s where you get clarity on and decide what you want in every area of your life going forward. You need to get it out of your head. Because when it’s swimming around up there you’ve got nothing tangible to work with. It can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Not knowing where on earth to start.

First step: get it down on paper.

What do I want each area of my life to look like? My finances, my health, my relationships etc. How do I want to grow? What do I want to contribute? What new skills do I want to learn? How do you want each area to look?

More importantly, how would you like to feel in each of these areas?

Choose one or two adjectives to describe how you want it to feel and make a vision from these words. Find pictures to go along side. Pictures and words together activate both sides of our brain, opening us up to creative problem solving to make these things happen.

These initial questions get your brain in to creative mode.

Creating your vision will both motivate and inspire you. It will keep you going on the days when it feels like nothing is working. It will keep you focused and centred on what you want.

It clarifies what’s important to you, helping you to establish your core values.

Clarifying your vision in documented form is really powerful for creating change in your life. It’s a declaration to yourself of what you deserve and what you’re ready for.

When the women I work with engage in this process, it feels as if miracles happen. Circumstances, situations and opportunities begin to present themselves so that it feels as if life is supporting us in our dreams.

All from getting clear on what you want.

So begin today. Get a beautiful journal and pen and start to map out your vision for what you want.

Begin with the areas outlined above or ask yourself those all important questions.

Write out your vision for the future or mindmap it or bullet list it. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it only matters that you begin the process.

You won’t get it all down first time. This is a work in progress. But I guarantee that simply getting your vision