Embrace Challenge With Author Karolina Carrera’s Latest Book

Challenge is a part of everyday life but as Karolina Carrera, author of Level Up: Harnessing The Immense Power Of You believes, it doesn’t have to define your daily being.

Embrace Challenge With Author Karolina Carrera’s Latest Book
Embrace Challenge With Author Karolina Carrera’s Latest Book

Karolina chose to escape the rat race of corporate life and instead trade it in for a career as an author and motivational speaker. In her latest interview with CrowdInk, Karolina imparted the tools and tricks she utilises to recognise, assess, and overcome challenges, no matter how big or small they may be. 

With challenges such as a lack of time and the dreaded scourge of procrastination addressed by Karolina in her book, she provides a handy toolkit for a life of alignment. 

What are some of the problems or challenges your book is trying to solve? 

Freeing up time, gaining clarity on next steps in life, moving away from being overwhelmed, procrastination, fear and uncertainty using a toolkit of tried and tested tools to specifically move people into the direction of their ultimate dream life. Where they can live a life in alignment to their values and beliefs and create a vision for their life that excites them and comes easily!

Why is this an important problem or challenge to solve – what impact is it currently having on people, businesses, society, or community at large?

When we realise that this game of life is in fact an inner game, there is no external to ourselves and circumstances (or pandemics) that can railroad us. Certainty is gained by the practice of our daily habits and routines and living every day in alignment to our values and beliefs. This is how we truly lead…with authenticity and conviction in self.

What advice or solution can you share that can help solve this challenge?

Practicing mindfulness through meditation. It allows us to tap into the three S’s of true connection – Stillness, Solitude and Silence.

Please share a tool or excerpt from your book that you feel will be quite useful for your readers. 

Here are five strategies you can practise to improve your mental strength and resilience:

1. Stand firm. Rooted like a tree. Mentally ground yourself. Press your feet to the ground and visualise roots growing from your soles into the ground. Take a couple of deep breaths. Feel the air entering your lungs and then slowly release it.

2. Take small steps. Focus on the next step rather than the big task at hand. Once that step is done, acknowledge that small accomplishment, then move on to the next small step and so on.

3. Think of a person you admire, someone that embodies resilience and a strong mindset. Then ask yourself—how would they handle this situation? What action would they take? How would they respond? Then respond as if you were them.

4. Practise controlling your emotions. Build this skill by remaining calm and focused in everyday situations. In traffic, doing the shopping, while exercising or picking up the kids from school, etc. If you practise on the everyday things, staying cool and calm will become a habit that will kick in when you need it most.

5. Challenge the beliefs you hold about yourself in order to expand. Quiet your mind through meditation and think about where you could be settling in life or accepting mediocrity. Are your actions in line with your values? Strength of mind comes from the spirit and soul, not from muscles. 

Purchase the book direct here: www.levelupbook.co or Amazon: 

What’s your favourite quote of all time?

‘Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements’ – Napoleon Hill. 

How can people connect with you (e.g website, social media channels, links to book purchase)? 

Purchase the book direct here: www.levelupbook.co or Amazon: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamkarolinacarrera and

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/mojomindset

Book Trailer: 

For a toolkit to take you through life without hesitation, Karolina’s book Level Up: Harnessing The Immense Power Of You is your bible for facing all challenges that may come your way. 

To purchase Level Up, visit the book’s website or buy from Amazon today.