Ekster Wallets: Kickstarting the Money Business

Kickstarter is an incredible site that brings products directly to investors and investors directly into the development of innovation. But what separates the entrepreneurs from the almost-weres? We interviewed Olivier Momma of Ekster Wallets to find out

Ekster Wallets- Kickstarting the Money Business, crowdink.com, crowdink, crowd ink
Ekster Wallets- Kickstarting the Money Business

Some Kickstarter products raise tens of thousands of dollars, euros, and/or pounds to take their products from an innovative sketch on a Smartboard right to the doors of their investors. And some can’t seem to raise more than a few bucks.

CrowdInk wanted to know what separated the success stories, like Ekster Wallets who have raised 121,000 euro with 16 days of their campaign to go, from the “great idea, but we just couldn’t get it off the ground,” stories. What makes Ekster Wallets different?

So, we interviewed Olivier Momma, founder of Ekster Wallets, to find out what his business plan was, how Kickstarter fit into that plan, and where he’ll be taking his company next.

What was the inspiration for the Ekster wallet?
The founders of Ekster are wallet enthusiasts. However, we were unsatisfied with the supply of wallets in the market. It seemed like all of the wallets were stuck in the 20th century and haven’t adapted to modern standards yet. We therefore began brainstorming to create a wallet that could ease ones everyday life and still have a beautiful design. We believe an item we use so frequently has to be efficient, slim, secure, and adjusted to our needs. We therefore created a wallet we think fits best into our modern lifestyles.

Since surpassing your Kickstarter goal, what new features have you added to Ekster wallets?
We have added new packaging, personal engravings options, and are getting close to the next goal: new leather types. We are aiming at adding NFC chips to the wallets as a final stretch goal.

What has been the biggest obstacle in the development and distribution of Ekster wallets?
The biggest obstacle is scaling up. We were planning on manufacturing in the Netherlands but since the orders are growing past expectations we will have to take production abroad. This makes it difficult to sync the production of the separate components and the assembly of the product.

Where do you see your company in 3-5 years? What can we look forward to from the creators of Ekster wallets next?
We see our company as an established brand in the market, known for its modernized EDC products and stylish solutions. We are looking to minimize your everyday carry amounts and to make your daily life more efficient. In 3-5 years we are aiming to be a world-wide selling brand with a large variety of modernized accessories.

Olivier Momma / Founder

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For those who want to be a part of the project, click here to learn more about Ekster’s packages on Kickstarter.

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