Don’t Throw Away Those Christmas Presents!

Turn unwanted or ill-fitting christmas clothing into a billion different things!

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Unwanted Christmas Presents

Did you get well-intentioned but ill-fitting clothing for Christmas or Hannukah? Don’t worry! There’s a bunch of stuff you can do with any fabric that you really can’t wear as is. There’s always donation, but why not give some of these fabric hacks a try before the holidays are over while you’ve got the time?

1. Turn a Boring T-Shirt Into a Work of Art
There are a thousand DIY t-shirt hacks on Youtube. Start with this pretty braided-back version.

2. Turn an Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt Into a Crop Top
This works on t-shirts, tank tops, and pyjamas too.

3. Transform a Too-Tight or Too-Large Pair of Jeans Into a Bag
Even jeans that are the right size fit everyone’s body type differently, so I have no idea why aunties and uncles keep gifting them for the holidays. Bless them for the thought, but if they’re just not working, recycle them into an adorable bag.

4. Literally Any Clothing That You’re Not Using Becomes a Pillow
Whether it fits, but just isn’t something you’d wear regularly or it doesn’t fit at all, repurpose sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, or even sweatpants into a throw pillow.