DIY School Supplies to Try Out This Year

If you’re sick of the usual, boring old school supplies, why not give these cool and totally DIY supplies a go, and make a statement this school year?

Back to School Projects (Image Source: DIY projects for teens),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Back to School Projects (Image Source: DIY projects for teens)

School is closing in on us, so it’s about time parents and students alike got ready for another big year of learning. This means getting the uniform ready, figuring out booklists and buying those school supplies.

The road to buying all those pens, pencils and other utensils can be a pretty boring one. No one really loves school supplies, but you can definitely jazz them up a little with your own creativity. Why not turn that boring supplies shopping venture into something a little more productive and make a DIY out of it? Kids can get a taste of crafting and creating, and parents can take a well needed break while they do it!

We found a great school supply video by youtuber SaraBeautyCorner. She’s thought up 10 unique ideas for the new school year and given us a step by step guide on how to make them. If you or your kid loves glitter, bright colours and standing out among the boring array of standard school supplies, then this video is for you. She’s got guides on making glitter pens, glitter notebooks, cool clear pencil cases and an awesome backpack idea.

So, if you’ve got some extra time over the summer, give some of these cool DIY school supplies a go, it’ll definitely catch the attention of the other kids.