Did You Miss the Connect Expo? Your Business Missed Opportunities.

Don't worry! There's always next year to hit the biggest networking event in Melbourne's business calendar.

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Connect Expo

If you are in Melbourne and are an innovator, a business owner, an engineer, a developer, a tech nut, or evenly vaguely interested in the intersection between technology and business, chances are high that you dropped by the Connect Expo from the 19-20 April last week.

CrowdInk had the opportunity to attend the event and check out vendors and summits discussing everything from software that monitors the efficiency of traffic lights, to sensor technology with the ability to instantly provide 3D thermal imaging, to unified management systems that secure cloud-based and internal-based passwords and data.

Representatives of the world’s largest brands were present including IBM (who is a sponsor of the Connect Expo), Intel, Current by GE, Zebra, Huawei, and so many more.

The event was a chance for thousands of attendees to connect with ideas, solutions, and partners, a space for the facilitation of business opportunities and relationships, and an opportunity to showcase the hottest technologies that are having the greatest impact on the way we work and live.

Connect Expo, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink,
Connect Expo

The exhibition featured tents organized into general industry camps with a few spaces open for free educational seminars that ran through the day at regular intervals. There was also a separate space for a series of strategic business conferences and panel discussions.

Because there were so many industries present and new technologies being launched, the big question of the day was, “what do you do?” Each and every exhibitor was proposing a solution, usually related to promoting efficiency in various sectors via improved technologies or using existing technologies in innovative applications.

Exhibitors had varied goals for the event as well. While some of the businesses featured in the “Startup Zone” were focusing on brand awareness and exposure, there were businesses in the “Technology Zone” that were demonstrating new technologies and looking for partnerships for applications of their hardware or software.

Both attendees and exhibitors generally had the same feedback, as far as the success of the expo went: this was a chance to come out from the specific goals of their respective businesses and industries and look at “the big picture.” And that big picture is a pretty one: a sustainable, efficient, safer future for people, here in Australia and globally.

If you like to know more about the Connect Expo, please check it out here

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