Design Your Own Rainbow Bookshelf

A Sexy New Way to Spice Up Your Bookshelf.

Rainbow Bookshelf,, crowd ink, crowdink
Rainbow Bookshelf (source: The Chive)

Are you bored with the way you display your books?

Are you looking for an opportunity to highlight all the amazing books you have and your incredible sense of style?

An amazingly beautiful way that you can organize all your books is by creating a rainbow bookshelf.

Never heard of it? Well, the rainbow bookshelf arranges your books by the colour of their spines. Here are some examples.

This is an extremely fun way to decorate your room or house. As you can see from the pictures, rainbow bookshelves are extremely sexy to any book reader/lover/buyer. And even if you don’t have the skills to be an interior decorator, this bookshelf design is very easy and doable for the average reader.

Here is some advice to help you get started on your own rainbow bookshelf:

  • Organize all your books in their colour codes before putting them on a shelf
  • This may be difficult for you purists, but you will probably have to separate books that are in a series
  • This will take you hours, but the end result is so worth it
  • Black and white spines don’t really have a place in the rainbow, so you can place them wherever you think suits best
  • Don’t be afraid to stack some books on their sides

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