The Definitive Ranking of the 6 Facebook Reactions

The controversial but incredibly valid and science-based ranking of the 6 Facebook reactions: like, love, haha, angry, sad and wow.

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Facebook Reactions (source: Wall Street Journal)

Who wasn’t delighted by Facebook’s wonderful addition of their “react” options? After years of asking for “dislike” and “love” buttons, the day finally came when we went onto our feed and discovered a brand new supply of reactions to play with.

Well, now that everyone’s adapted, we’ve compiled a definitive ranking of them, from worst to best.

6. Haha React:

Haha is the worst react. If they had to remove one, they should remove this one. This react is the equivalent of saying lol to someone’s well thought out, intelligent joke. It’s just plain rude, so cut it out.

5. Like:

As “like” is still among the majority, it’s ranked second-worst. You might chuck a like at your co-worker, but never a good friend or loved one. Like is a courtesy reaction, a polite nod of acknowledgement. I’ve seen your post, and it’s okay.

4. Sad React:

To be honest, you wouldn’t use this in a genuinely sad situation because it would totally trivialize it.

A sad react can be fun to send out to friends and family, but it shouldn’t be used frivolously. Have fun with it, but still keep sad reacts to a minimum.

3. Wow React

Wow react is probably the most versatile of the bunch. You can use this on a number of things, from a great photo of your friend, to an awesome recipe, to a fun fact you didn’t know. Wow’s flexibility makes it a strong contender for the top ranking.

2. Love React:

Everyone wants a love react. Nothing says I appreciate and adore this post wholly more than a “love”. A love react is like a well wrapped, well thought out gift: give it out to those who deserve it, and receive it with the utmost appreciation.

1. Angry React:

Angry wins because it is the cutest. Nothing compares to the adorableness of a grumpy little red face hurumphing in your notifications box. It’s probably not recommended to use this react if you are it’s something serious, but for everything else, go for it! Watch in glee as your friend scratches their head over why you’ve just angry reacted to their latest profile picture change.