Be Cool Sodapop: Veronica Mars is set to return!

The petite private detective is back with her camera and black messenger bag in an all-new season.

Veronica Mars is Back
Veronica Mars is Back

Fellow marshmallows, it’s time to head back to the seedy streets of Neptune, California!

Last week, it was reported that cult TV show Veronica Mars would light up the small screen once again, with Hulu reviving the series for an eight-episode fourth season. It’s a breath of fresh air for fans of the neo-noir crime show, who were revitalised when the 2014 movie was released after a more than 10 year hiatus. So it’s time to wildly speculate about what will happen in the new season:

  • The books being somewhat reflected in the season

During this interim period, Rob Thomas, in conjunction with Jennifer Graham, wrote two novels that were set after the movie, with Veronica solving more crimes as well as maintaining a long-distance relationship with Logan. So will the new season be set after the novels, considering that Rob Thomas has stated that the books were canon? If so, we might get to see a reunion between Logan and Veronica in the early episodes of the season, as well as them trying to sustain a somewhat normal life in Neptune.

  • Logan and Veronica and their epic relationship

One of the significant parts of the TV show and movie is the tumultuous and passionate relationship between Logan and Veronica. So how will the new season take that into account? I’m hoping that after the back and forth between epic love and heartbreak, Veronica and Logan will be able to be more open with one another and talk about the possibilities of a future together. After years of bloodshed and radio silence, fingers crossed that these two can find happiness.

  • The return of Duncan Kane?

It has been revealed that Piz and Dick Casablancas will be returning in the fourth season, but what about former citizen Kane? We last saw the Kane heir spending father-daughter time on a beach, receiving word from Clarence Wiedman that he had killed his sister’s killer. It would be interesting to see Duncan come back to Neptune. It would be even more interesting to see how the dynamics would play out between Duncan and Veronica, especially now that Veronica has moved on with Logan.

There are so many possibilities of how this latest season could go, and with no other information, we have to be patient and wait for more news to be released.

Until then, I might play ‘We Used to be Friends’ on repeat.