Do you have Christmas-mania?

7 signs you’re obsessed with Christmas.

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So November has arrived which means the end of the year is closing in and the holidays are around the corner. Who doesn’t love holidays? It’s the best time of the year without a doubt and here in Australia it means beach days, relaxation, barbeques and late warm nights.

However, for that one type of person out there, the beginning of November only signals one thing. Christmas is almost here.

We all have that one friend (it might even be you) who is absolutely obsessed. It’s come to the point where you think they need an intervention, pronto.

Here are some ways to tell whether you or someone you know are suffering from Christmas-mania and whether the obsession is real.

  1. Christmas music is a way of life

The minute the clock ticks over to November the Christmas playlist you’ve prepared and stored on your phone gets put on repeat.

Everywhere you go, in the car, at home and even at the gym you’re blasting those tunes to get you into the festive season. After all, it’s only 4 weeks until Christmas so it must be socially acceptable by now right?

  1. Every night is movie night – Christmas edition

As the holidays approach you realise that your Christmas movie list is not getting any smaller. This is when every night turns into movie night and you start inviting friends over to get through your excessive list of festive favourites.

Eventually you find yourself becoming captivated in the festive fantasies and realise you’re going home on a Friday to spend the night with the Grinch or on the polar express instead of seeing people in the real world. But hey, you aren’t complaining.

  1. Where’s the Christmas section please?

We all know that companies start to roll out their Christmas stock quite early before the festive season has begun and while lots of people find this a reason to complain, you absolutely love it.

Every time you go shopping you somehow find yourself in the Christmas department browsing the new baubles and humming along to the festive tunes. While some people might find this a little excessive, you think of it as research. After all, the perfectly decorated tree is designed months in advance, right?

  1. Smell those chestnuts roasting on an open fire

By the time you’ve made it back home from the local homewares store you realise your house is going to smell like a fantasyland. You’ve gone crazy with the Christmas themed candles and have a different scent for every part of the house. Walking through your home is like transporting to different locations every time you step foot into a different room. One minute you’re in Santa’s workshop, the next you’re sitting by a fire roasting chestnuts and in another you’re surrounded by 100 Christmas trees. While many people find this to be quite intense, you love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. Christmas jumpers

While we live in Australia and Christmas is during the warmer months of the year there’s no way you’ll miss an opportunity to wear your favourite Christmas jumper during the festive time.

You’ve spent the last month on the internet having the cutest jumpers express posted to your house and you’re not about to let a bit of sunshine or heat stroke stop you from spreading the Christmas spirit.

Same goes with Christmas pyjamas and socks. You’ve gone to every store in you’re neighbourhood and are now the proud owner of every pair of pants and socks with reindeer, snowmen and Santa with his elves on them in existence.

  1. Stop, cookie time!

Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a box of homemade treats. And something about the festive season turns you into a crazy baking person every year. You find yourself practicing perfecting your reindeer shaped cookies and frosting techniques months in advance so when the time comes you can impress all your friends with your Christmas cooking skills and one up yourself from last year.

  1. Christmas cards

While you’ve had your Christmas shopping list ready since the middle of the year, the time has come for you to decide who you’ll be sending Christmas cards to. Although many people believe that the good ol’ handwritten card is out, you make an effort to send them out to all your friends and family making sure they arrive within a week of the big day.

Bonus points for attaching mini candy canes as an extra festive treat.

So while November may seem a little early for some people to get into the Christmas spirit, it is up to those with Christmas-mania to make sure that everyone embraces the Christmas spirit and has a little bit of red, green and white in their life.

Tell us how Christmas obsessed you are in the comments below.