Christmas: A Great Time to be Curious

Christmas is a time to ask questions. Take religion out of it for a moment, and let’s look at Jesus, the character.

It's Christmas
It's Christmas

Curiosity may have killed my Cat, but I’ll risk it. I love to get curious, especially around Christmas.

For most of us, Christmas marks the end of another busy year, a time to chill out & wind down for a bit. A time to come back up for some much needed air. A time to ponder and reflect upon the year just closing out, and to contemplate all the possibilities for the new year ahead.

I love to reflect, ponder, and contemplate life around Christmas. It’s where I allow myself time to think about all the stuff that I wouldn’t normally have the mental space for.

It’s a great time to be curious. 

It kinda feels like getting a wheel alignment, or an opportunity to adjust my inner compass. 

Something that piques my curiosity every Christmas is probably best articulated in the form of a question.

“If Jesus really did exist, and really was who he said he was, then what does that mean for me, and also the 7 odd billion other people on this planet today?”

Let’s take religion out of the picture for a minute, ‘cause religion has this way of clouding things, and making us want to go think about something else. 

You have to admit, Jesus, without all the religious pomp, is interesting.

What makes you curious about Jesus?

Here’s some other questions that get my curiosity going;

“If Jesus is God, then why did he come to us?” Was he bored, or was there a greater purpose? If so, what?

“When God decided to come to us, why as a baby?” Fairly risky wouldn’t you say? If you wanted to visit Mars, would you go as a baby, or an adult if you had the choice? So, why a baby? It’s a vulnerable thing for God to place himself in the hands of humanity like that isn’t it? Let that one land. 

Is God’s arrival to earth in the form of Jesus;

Humble, or Arrogant?

Vulnerable or Disconnected?

Judgmental or Embracing?

Friendly or Unfriendly? 

Surely God didn’t make this momentous visit to Earth simply to improve humanity’s standard of morality, or to make a point about gay marriage or abortion? Surely not. 

What if it’s bigger than that?

What if Jesus IS the ultimate gift to humanity from it’s loving father?

What if the gift of Jesus is the ultimate offer of love and acceptance to a globe full of people who are starving for love and acceptance?

What if it’s the ultimate invitation for friendship?

If so, then what does that mean to you?

Don’t let religion or whatever it is you think about the church rob you from pondering Jesus this Christmas. 

Let your curiosity serve you well.

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