Catch ya 2016.

As the year draws to a close it is only natural to look back and ponder the year that was. Let’s not beat around the bush, 2016 has been shocking.

Cya 2016,,, crowd ink, crowdink
Cya 2016

Not necessarily bad shocking but more like the what the devil just happened kind of shocking. Of course we had the ‘main events’ of the year if you will, the triumph of Trump and Brexit, which will inevitably see the path of the world forever altered. The fear surrounding ISIS seemed to intensify around the world as the group claimed responsibility for an increasing number of attacks. There was the earthquake in Italy, Syria is still in shambles and lyrical legends Bowie and Prince both passed on.

The good news was sparse- we saw the Western Bulldogs win the AFL and the Cronulla Sharks took the NRL title, both teams underdogs in their respective sports, as well as the formation of the first female AFL league. Nice. The Olympics was also a bit of fun, as was PokemonGo.

These were arguably the most deeply defining events of the year. Also Brad and Angelina broke up so put that on the scale of tragedy where you will.

And so I am wondering, as I earnestly reflect on 2016, if the tumultuous state of the big wide world has anything to do with our personal states of mind and if the lens in which we perceive it is consequently impacted in a negative way. Does the crappiness of 2016 for the majority mean that the individual will have a crappier not happier year?

Of course I can only speak for myself here, but I can say, coincidentally or not, that my year has been drab, made drabber perhaps by the drabness of the worlds news.

Say drab again.

Whilst I dealt with friendship break ups, job rejections and university drama, I seemed to take these every day occurrences to heart and would dwell on them to almost unhealthy extents.

This is not my style at all- I’m a buck up and push on kind of lady. And so I think maybe the darkness of the world this year has something to do with my inability to digest bad news and frame it positively within my mind- it’s as if all of the sad things that have happened to the human collective have somehow crept into my subconscious and made me a little bit sadder.

I know I could be reaching but I think it’s important to remember if ever you are feeling down. As you deal with the dark stuff try and remember all of the bright things, the good news stories and the vibrant parts of the world. Another tip if you’re feeling down is to google images of whales leaping out of the water. It’s inspirational stuff and you can’t stay sad when your looking at that triumphant beauty.

If you had a fabulous 2016 then I congratulate you- you are stronger than most and I envy your might.

Happy new year and let’s hope it’s better than this year, but not as good as 2020 when President Kanye comes to power.





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