Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Kinesiology

Stress and tension affects almost everyone living in Western society. This is where a kinesiologist can help.

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a complementary healing modality that looks at the body as a whole. This includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Through gentle muscle monitoring, a kinesiologist can determine whether there are any stresses in your life, where it is affecting you in your body, and how you can reduce or eliminate them.

Stress and tension affects almost everyone living in Western society. Trying to achieve the optimal work / life balance seems to be elusive to most and the negative impact of this is that we become more reactive and emotional. This causes stress in our lives and in our bodies which then causes physical pain created by tension in our muscles. We stop sleeping well, we can’t think well, and the stress and anxiety intensify. This can snow ball out of control until we either chose to do something about it, or are forced to.

This is where a kinesiologist can help. During a session, the kinesiologist will ask you to lie down on a comfortable table, use an arm muscle as an indicator, and start checking its response to certain questions. The body wants to be in balance, so once the stress is identified, the brain becomes aware of the imbalance and begins to return your mind, body and spirit to homeostasis.

There are many tools kinesiologists can use to help alleviate the stress and anxiety you are holding. Here are just a few:

  • Applying pressure or rubbing a point on the body while discussing an emotion is the main tool most kinesiologists will use. The pressure points that are used usually correlate to a point on a meridian. Some of these points can be quite tender but the pain subsides as the issue is discussed and clarity is gained.
  • Essential oils can be used as fragrance can have quite a powerful effect on our emotions. Inhaling some fragrances can relax and calm, while others can help to energise us.
  • Colours can have a powerful effect on our visual processing as well as our energy bodies. Looking at a colour can change the way the brain perceives information or placing a colour on the body can bring the energy of the colour into a person’s vibrational field. Colours like yellow, red or orange can be used to uplift you. Whereas colours like blues, greens or purples can soothe.
  • Sounds, such as humming or forcing a laugh can shift your energy through the vibration pulsating through your body from the inside out. I’ve had many clients that are quietly spoken and also have trouble humming. After practicing humming for a few weeks, their voice naturally becomes louder. External sounds such as playing a Tibetan singing bowl or Native American Drum over the body pulsates sound from the outside in and can be extremely soothing. A drum can also be beat in time with your heartbeat to bring balance back to your body.

There are many more tools then those listed above and some are unique to the practitioner and their knowledge base, so each kinesiologist and each session can be quite different.

What’s important to remember is that stress and anxiety can be alleviated. It doesn’t have to become your normal everyday existence. But if you truly want to let it all go, you do need to do the work and a kinesiologist can help you find the best way for you. Once you have released all the stress and tension, it can be quite empowering to feel the difference in your attitude to life and everything around you. Things seem brighter, easier and more fun. And let’s face it, isn’t that how we would all like our lives to be? So next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, why not give a kinesiologist a go?

Remember that happiness starts with a smile!

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