Business: Are You Ready to Start Your Own, Really?

Starting your own business is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Check out this amazing video and figure out if you’re up to the task.

Patience [image source: Youtube], crowdink, crowd ink,,
Patience [image source: Youtube]

Darcy Smyth of The Tonal Persuasion Method For Sales – Darcy J Smyth and Alex Storer of AWS Productions present to you an extremely honest and emotional account of a virtue that is woefully underestimated in our current business age:

‘The Overnight Success’ stories and the ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes have eroded the perceived importance of this quality so we thought we’d peel away the bullshit with Episode 2 and give you a passionate look at what it really takes to keep a business afloat.

A Few Honest Takeaways from The Video

  1. We love what we do. That doesn’t necessarily mean we like, “Yes, every day it’s amazing,” like jumping up and down.

2. A lot of people get into business because they think it’s going to give them a lifestyle where they can finally go, “Oh yes, now I’ve made it. Now everything’s in cruise control.” No, it only gets harder. Deal with it or don’t into business.

3. Every single day you need to get up, get the results.

4. I think there’s a lot of money to be made by people telling you that you can live your passion one hundred percent of the day, every single day. If you buy into this, you will leave a lot of your dreams on the beach.

5. Your passion does not always equate to happiness.

Business has its way of making sure your ego is in check. Because anytime that you think you’re reaching to a level where think you’ve arrived, reality hits and goes bang. You’re not as good as you think you were. Start again, do the fundamentals, get them right, build from there. Every single time it happens without fail.

Watch the full video below or follow their YouTube Channel – All You Do Is Talk