A Beginner’s Guide to Skin Care

Not all of us have the time and finances for lavish skincare regiments. But here are the basics you definitely should be sticking with.

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Skin Care Guide (source: Women Daily Magazine)

Looking after your skin can sometimes be left as a second priority. What is generally speaking a simple regime is usually left not attended to, which can result in unhappy skin. And we get it, we are all busy, and those tiny details aren’t always the first things on our minds.

So, for all those who are sometimes too busy to put in the hefty research, here is a quick guide one how to care for you skin, and how regularly, too.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize DAILY

These are the basics that most people are aware of, but they’re also the most commonly forgotten.

It may be tedious at first going through a daily beauty treatment, but there’s nothing worse than ignoring your skin.

Cleansing will help get rid of all the dirt and dry skin that has built up over the day, while toning will help tighten the pores to prevent any extra build up. Moisturizer will then help to keep the skin from drying out. You should really be cleansing and moisturizing twice daily, but toning you can generally leave for only once a day.

Exfoliate WEEKLY

Exfoliating is essential for removing all those dead skin cells. This will prevent clogging of pores and help give the skin a naturally smooth finish. An exfoliating glove and your favourite face scrub should always be handy in the bathroom, but remember not to overdo it.

Once or twice a week is a good amount, but if you start doing it any more than that it might end up leaving you with overly dry skin and cause irritation.

Go Make-Up Free WEEKLY

For those who are used to layering up the makeup on a daily, it’s important to give the skin time to breathe every once in a while. Wearing makeup too frequently is known for clogging pores and leaving skin dirty, which can result in unsightly blemishing.

Makeup is a lot fun, but it’s also a lot of nasty chemicals and products that don’t usually belong permanently stuck on your face.

Pamper Your Skin MONTHLY

Your skin needs to be treated special once in a while too! And while you may not be able to afford regular intensive, luxury facials, it’s still important to give yourself a well-deserved pampering after all it does for you.

This could include a face mask of your choosing (DIY or not) or even an intensive cleansing or facial wax. Give your skin a thank you for all it’s done for you!