Become A Pro Photographer With Just Your iPhone

Awesome apps that will revolutionise your pics.

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iPhone Photographers

It seems everyone is continually competing on social media for the best-looking Instagram pic or the most aesthetically pleasing collection of photographs.

Here are some handy apps to get your photos looking picture-ific.

  1. VSCO (pronounced Visco) is a photo editing app that features an endless stream of colour presets, providing you with a hand-held version of Adobe studio. With lighting, contrast and tone adjustment features, you’re bound to create some stunners with this application.
  2. Afterlight offers more subtle and delicate lighting options than its competitors. Add shadows and tones to provide your photo with the elegance you desire.
  3. Facetune offers you the opportunity to remove blemishes and unwanted marks right out of your pics. Whether you want to get rid of a certain individual (sorry mum!), a drink stain on your white tee, or just develop the selfie of your dreams, this app makes the impossible possible.

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