Be a Tourist in Your Own Home

Livin’ it up Aussie Style. Experience Greater Victoria.

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We’re all about experiencing New York’s dazzling skyscrapers that pierce into the sky with its congested city and bright flashing lights, or diving into the cultural feeling of lust and wonder whilst indulging into Paris’ finest cheeses in front of the Eiffel Tower.

We want that sensation of difference, that separates us from our normal everyday life to our soon to be holiday.  We dream of that sentiment of packing our bags, buying travel-sized toothpaste and jumping on that long 18 hour flight that we know we’re dreading, but secretly can’t wait for.

Can We Get That at Home?
If only we had that same sense of feeling being at home. Well, guess what? We can. A plane is not the only way to reach great heights. We can be inspired right here. Explore your home. We’re so fixated on getting out of this place and exploring culture, when we haven’t even stopped to realize that our soon to be vacation is right here in front of us.

So How do We Make that Happen?

Grab a bunch of your friends, jump into the car, and just drive. Drive down that long endless road and experience home. Dive into the Great Victoria where the Peninsula hot springs heated fog soothes your mind. Breathe in the sweet smell of Erskine Falls rainforest as you drive down to Lorne. Wherever you go, you are what you make of it.

But What do I  do?

  1. Take the train
  2. Hire a caravan
  3. Bring a new friend, not an old friend
  4. Pack a picnic
  5. Charge your GoPro
  6. Get your favourite tunes rolling
  7. Pack some gummy bears
  8. Grab your favourite pillow
  9. Put on your most daring swimsuit
  10. Go wild, have fun and sing your heart out