Balenciaga makes political fashion statement

Their Fall Winter ’17 menswear collection was heavily inspired by American social democrat Bernie Sanders.

Balenciaga Fashion,, crowd ink, crowdink
Balenciaga Fashion (source: Twitter)

Proving that being politically aware can be fashionably cool – Balenciaga have just displayed their Bernie Sanders inspired collection. Vogue have wittily advised everyone to “Feel the Bernlenciaga”, and we at CrowdINK can’t help but agree.

The inspiration can be seen in how Balenciaga have mused red and white curved lines mimicking the political logo onto a series of men’s bomber jackets, hoodies, large scarves, and decorative pins.

This of course isn’t the first political statement to be made by a fashion designer. Only months ago, Tom Ford was widely quoted for saying he refused to dress Melania Trump stating “she’s not necessarily my image”.

Balenciaga Pin,, crowd ink, crowdink
Balenciaga Pin (source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Furthermore, with the Obama’s now saying goodbye to the White House many fashion publications have done a recap of Michelle’s most impressive looks over the last eight years.

Now able to add ‘fashion-icon-muse-and-inspiration’ to his long list of accolades, Bernie Sanders has responded to the collection by joking with New York Magazine “with all due respect to Mr Gvasalia who I’m sure is a terrific person, we’ve been wearing this look in Vermont for years”.

Demna Gvasalia also leads popular brand Vetements – which has become a favourite for celebrities like Kylie Jenner – is no stranger to quirky designs like these ‘Bernlenciaga’ pieces. In fact, the DHL t-shirts he created went viral and were copied by many. DHL’s own CEO Ken Allen even wore it!

Balenciaga Bernie Sanders,, crowd ink, crowdink
Balenciaga Bernie Sanders (source: Harper’s Bazaar)

Although it’s expected these must-own jackets will come at a hefty price, one thing to remember is getting involved in politics doesn’t cost a dime. So, we encourage all our readers to get educated and passionate about the causes they care about!

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