Baby Driver’s First Take: A Music Video?

Edgar Wright’s early music video acts as a test drive for his upcoming feature.

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Baby Driver

During a recent interview with NME, Shaun of the Dead Director Edgar Wright reveals that the idea for his upcoming release about a music obsessed getaway driver, Baby Driver, has been on the back of his mind since he directed the music video for “Blue Song” from Manchester group Mint Royale. The music video features a young Noel Fielding getting down to the track as he waits for his accomplices to finish a bank robbery. So, in celebration of the video and of the film, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some other directors and their early forays into music videos.

Spike Jonze

The king. So many iconic music videos of the 1990’s burst forth from this mans mind, but it is the surreal mundaneness in Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” that pops up in his later features. A crutched anthropomorphic dog just trying to get by one big city night, what’s weird about that?

Richard Ayoade

Ayoade’s comedic sensibility shines through in the clip he made for the Arctic Monkey’s “Fluorescent Adolescent”. What more could you want than jokers, thieves and gangster clowns?

David Lynch

The opening riff of Isaak’s “Wicked Game” rings out as if from a hazy dream of a lost American highway. Isaak’s voice crawls over your skin and whispers into your ears a story of love lost. Is that enough grotesque imagery for you? It only seems fitting when talking about Lynch and a song that fits him this well. Check out the original and I think the best.

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