Australia Post Goes up Against Amazon

The postal service is introducing a new service in a bid to fight the US superstore.

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Australia Post Goes up Against Amazon

With Amazon’s arrival in Australia imminent, many retailers are likely to face an unwelcomed shock. While analysts are venturing that most local businesses are unprepared for the opening, Australia Post, arguably Amazon’s biggest Australian competitor, has come up with a strategy to compete with the new arrivals.

Introducing Shipster, Australia Post’s answer to Amazon’s supercharged services.

Shipster works in a similar way to Amazon Prime; users pay a small monthly fee, but it opens up free delivery from a myriad of Australian businesses. So far, 40 retailers have already signed on with Australia Post, including major chains like Harvey Norman, Myer and Cotton On.

The launch comes ahead of the Christmas shopping period, which Australia Post are predicting to be the busiest ever when it comes to online sales. Shipster customers will receive free shipping on orders over $25 from participating retailers and one free delivery from Deliveroo each month.

If you’re in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, until January 1, Shipster will cost $9.95. In the US, Amazon Prime charges customers roughly $100 per year for free delivery, so it’ll be interesting to see how the battle between the delivery giants plays out, once Amazon opens its warehouse doors in early 2018.