Are You Talking About Ovarian Cancer?

February 24th is Teal Ribbon Day, an Ovarian Cancer Awareness in Australia day. And while fundraising is important, the biggest events are “Afternoon Teals” where we just need to start talking about ovarian cancer

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Ovarian Cancer Australia Awareness Month 24th Feb 2016

44% of Australians with a family history of ovarian cancer have not discussed their risk with their GPs.

This is a problem. 1 in 5 cases of ovarian cancer are inherited.

“Recognising the risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer is key to enabling a timely diagnosis,” said Jane Hill, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA).

Each year, 1,480 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With 20% of those cases inherited from family, we need to start telling our doctors when we’re at risk.

As with most cancers, a timely diagnosis is absolutely essential to treatment.

Ovarian Cancer Australia’s press release sums up the very real effects of early diagnosis well:

Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer. If diagnosed in its early stages, women have an 80 per cent chance of being alive and well after five years. Unfortunately, the five-year survival rate is a low 43 per cent, as three-quarters of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Know the Signs

Ovarian cancer is not a silent killer. 93% of Australian women experience an average of 3.3 symptoms of ovarian cancer before being diagnosed.

  • Abdominal or Pelvic Pain
  • Increased Abdominal Size or Persistent Abdominal Bloating
  • The Need to Urinate Often and Urgently
  • Feeling Full After Eating a Small Amount

Afternoon Teal

Teal is the international colour for ovarian cancer. This February 24 is Teal Ribbon Day, also called National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day. While fundraising endeavours are crucial for further research in diagnosing, treating, and curing ovarian cancers, OCA is asking that Australians take time this year to have an “Afternoon Teal.” These meetings would raise funds while providing a space for education and discussion that really can save lives.

Hosts can register their Afternoon Teal by visiting or by emailing

Australians can also raise funds by wearing a Teal Ribbon throughout February – particularly on Teal Ribbon Day, 24th February 2016 – by purchasing a Teal Ribbon from Principal Partner Chemmart Pharmacies nationwide or from

Who Are Ovarian Cancer Australia?

Ovarian Cancer Australia was founded by people directly affected by ovarian cancer who wanted to raise awareness of the disease and support those who had been affected. OCA was incorporated in July 2001 when Nicole and Karen Livingstone, Simon Lee, and Lynda Gibson came together under a single vision: to save lives and ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

OVA’s mission statement is to ensure that:

  • Women with ovarian cancer have a strong voice
  • Every Australian knows the symptoms and risks of ovarian cancer
  • All women with ovarian cancer have access to best practice diagnoses, treatment, information, and support
  • A vibrant and growing national ovarian cancer research effort in Australia informs practice and translates into improved quality of life and survival for women

You can connect with Ovarian Cancer Australia below:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Website | Contact : 1300 660 334


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