Aqua S is Serving Up a Twist on Childhood Nostalgia

Soft serve with a twist of sea salt.

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Aqua S

Inspired by the famous sea salt soft serve from Japan, Aqua S plays on the classic Japanese treat with its twist of extra fairy floss and sugary toppings that are so brilliantly outlandish that you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

Situated in QV in between stores and neighbouring cafés, Aqua S stands out from a mile away, despite its boxy interior, with bright colours of blue, pink and yellow splashed on the walls to reflect the unique flavours that pop with flavour. There’s also one side of the storefront that’s plastered with a cloudy blue-sky wallpaper to meet the needs of this generation’s Instagram-worthy snaps.

Aqua S, crowd ink, crowdink,,
Aqua S

Though it may seem like any other ice cream place, what really makes Aqua S stand out is the sea salt flavour that supposedly lacks the overwhelming butteriness of salted caramel with an unusual clean and refreshing taste that follows moments after eating it. Most customers find the sea salt a massive hit, with queues often reaching out the door.

For those who aren’t risk-takers, there are also two other flavours available, for example, lemon, which provides the classic zing of a taste – while sea salt remains permanent, other flavours are on rotation to come and go, so it’s a lucky dip to find a flavour you’ll like.

After so much popularity and reviews as one of the most beloved franchises in Sydney, Aqua S came down to Melbourne recently to fulfil the desires of foodies and sweet tooths in the city of fine dining. While fun in its own way, Aqua S is rather whimsical – from the unique flavours and concept to the pastel-hued and tiny interior. The nostalgia-inducing novelty of Aqua S is sure to last for every return visit. We just warn against that possible (and often sought-after) sugar coma. It comes on fast!

But who can resist looking at a soft-serve that looks like cotton clouds are shrouding it against an aesthetically-pleasing wall?

Aqua S

16 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne QV, VIC 3000

Tel: (02) 8668 5957

Open Mon – Sun: 12 – 10PM