Alarm Apps to Get You out of Bed in the Morning

For all the sleepy heads who find trouble getting out of bed

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Alarm Clock (source: Kate Mcshea)

Getting up in the morning can be difficult for the best of us. So here are some apps to help you get up (minus hitting the snooze button a million times).

Maybe you’re someone who needs a brutal alarm that will shock you into waking up. Or maybe you’d prefer a gentler alarm. Either way, this list will give you whatever you need for the start of the day.

Here are the best high-tech alarms to help:

1. Walk Me Up, Free

The app ‘Walk Me Up’ is an alarm which only stops ringing when you have walked a certain number of steps. And don’t think you can cheat by shaking your phone- the app also has intelligent algorithms to detect shaking. Only exercise will stop this alarm from ringing!

2. Alarmy, $1.99

Alarmy is a brutal alarm app that forces you out of bed and has been ranked “world’s most annoying alarm”. The app has a variety of features including taking a photo of a registered place to turn off the alarm, shaking your phone to turn off the alarm, or solving a math problem. And there’s no snooze button.

3. Sleep Cycle, Free

Sleep cycle has a more gentle approach for an easier wake up in the morning. The app aims to monitor your sleep cycle to ensure you wake up at optimal time. Set how long you want to sleep for and the app will wake you up at the end of your sleep cycle so you won’t wake up groggy.

4. CARROT alarm, $2.99

The perfect alarm for the gamer, CARROT alarm wakes you up with pumping techno and you are asked to complete a set of mini games to turn it off. The quicker you finish the game the more points you get. And if you hit snooze you lose points.