Here are the Ages you Peak at Everything in Life

Like what age you are most likely to make that ground breaking Nobel Prize winning discovery

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Science (source: Daily Mail)

Have you ever wondered when would be the best time to learn a language? Or when you’ll be the best you’ve ever been at chess?

Or how about when you have the greatest life satisfaction?

Well now you can know!

There have been studies done to figure out at what age people “peak” at various life skills. The results have been accumulated and presented on a graph.

There are a variety of life skills including remembering faces, gaining the highest salary and even making a Nobel Prize winning discovery.

If this graph is anything to go by, young people have a lot to look forward to when they get older. (Like most happy with your body at age 74!!)

Age Graph
Age Graph (source: Science Alert)

Here are the results:

– 7 year's old: Learning a new language
– 18 year's old: Brain processing power
– 22 year's old: Remembering names
– 23 year's old: Life satisfaction
– 25 year's old: Muscle strength
– 26 year's old: Finding a partner for marriage
– 28 year's old: Running a marathon
– 30 year's old: Bone mass
– 31 year's old: Playing chess
– 32 year's old: Remembering faces
– 39 year's old: Salary (women)
– 40 year's old: Making a Nobel Prize winning discovery
– 48 year's old: Salary (men)
– 50 year's old: Arithmetic skills
– 51 year's old: Understanding people's emotions
– 69 year's old: Life satisfaction (again)
– 71 year's old: Vocabulary
– 74 year's old: Happiness with your body
– 82 year's old: Psychological wellbeing