A Rosé by any Other Name…

This new collab is a roaring success

Betty's Game
Betty's Game

Vinomofo has been taking over the wine game for a while now. These people love their wine, almost as much as my aunt Karen who regularly stains her Bichon Frise with very expensive reds.

Vinomofo’s latest collaboration with Adam Foster is right on brand for this forward thinking and wine-obsessed brand. Foster knows what he’s doing. He started as a chef, then became a sommelier and then evolved once more into a winemaker. It was at Syrahmi that he learned the ins and outs of making great wine. Utilising all that Heathcote has to offer he was able to produce a quality wine that people couldn’t get enough of. And now he’s paired with Vinomofo to create something really special.

Betty's Game
Betty’s Game

As soon as you see Betty’s Game you won’t quickly forget it. This bottle will literally peer back at you from the shelf. The unblinking dinosaur eye beckons you forward and before you know it you’ve bought a whole case. Or at least, that’s my excuse.

The alluring label can be attributed to Malin Alfredsson, one of the talented graphic designers at Vinomofo. She’s an avid Jurassic Park fan, with the label being directly inspired by The Lost World. It’s not the greatest of the JP films, but we can forgive her for that because it makes for a very cool label.

Betty's Game
Betty’s Game

The rosé itself hails from Heathcote; a small Victorian town that produces some of Australia’s best wine. Heathcote’s mineral-rich soil produces high quality fruit that is perfect for rosé and reds. Adam Foster’s Syrahmi is produced there, and it was the perfect place to create his new collaboration.

Betty’s Game is an exciting copper colour that gets your mouth watering the longer you stare at it. It is fresh! This wine sings out-loud with red current and apple, but still hits you with an earthy depth that leaves a lasting impression.

Time to buy myself another case!




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