A New Year: Gratitude Instead of Resolution

This year, forget resolutions and try out a new perspective and gratitude instead.

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Gratitude Instead of Resolution

As one year ends and another begins, it’s easy to think of all the resolutions you’d like to accomplish. You can place value on getting a new job, or a promotion in your current one. You can save up to buy a car, or to go on holiday. If you’re anything like me, you can vow to stop eating cheesecake in bed and start personal training sessions. All are driven, healthy ambitions. However, after speaking to a close friend of mine earlier today, I think I am going to head into this new year with a different perspective.

Without going into too much sad detail, today marks the one year anniversary of my friend’s close friend’s death. After catching up with her and another friend for dinner and some wines last night, she made mention of the importance of today’s date. I went home concerned of how she was going to get through such an anniversary, and kept her in my thoughts and in my heart all day.
Just when I thought to text her to let her know she was not alone, she texted the two of us and what I read made my heart full and my mind anew.

Instead of stumbling through her grief and sadness like any other person would, my dear friend decided to be thankful for the friendships she was still able to nurture and watch flourish. Instead of crying and mourning over memories past, she decided to show us her gratitude for the memories she knows we will eventually make. She turned a day of grief and darkness into something beautiful.

This is not to say that she has forgotten about her lost friend, or to detract from the pain she still feels to this very day. It is but a testament to her will and strength of character, and most of all her ability to truly understand what is important when it comes to staying happy.

So with that in mind, I invite you to enter this new year with a desire to not crave things you do not have, but to simply change your perspective. Be grateful for what you have now. Tell people how you feel while they’re still here. Call your grandmother. Hug your parents. Honestly tell that special someone how you feel.

There is no shame in desiring the materialistic, and working towards something you’ve wanted for a long time is so rewarding in the end. But love, platonic or romantic, is truly the greatest prize. You cannot put a price on human connection. I hope you all find it this year.

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