A Beginners Guide to dog Telepathy

The key to deciphering your tail-wagging friend's language

A Beginners Guide to dog Telepathy

Has your dog’s behaviour ever perplexed you? Have you ever wished you could read their mind like in the movies, or pull out a dog-to-human translator just to understand what is going on in their head? Well, you’re in luck. Today we will be breaking down ten common instances of ‘dog language’ and decoding exactly what they are trying to say.

#1- Leaning

If your dog likes to push their entire body weight against you, don’t fear- they’re not trying to knock you over. Leaning against you is your dog’s equivalent of a hug!

#2- Staring

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched everywhere you go? It might be your dog double-checking that you’re safe and sticking around to protect them.

#3- Scratching doors, floors, windows, furniture.
When our dogs simply cannot contain their energy, they may scratch any surface in sight

to try and tire themselves out. This can also be seen in…

#4- Zoomies!!!

Zoomies are pretty self-explanatory- your dog has decided to use your house as a racetrack. Extra-exciting moments such as receiving treats or visitors may inspire further zooming.

#5- The Side-Eye

If your dog’s head is hanging low, and they’re avoiding eye contact at all costs, they’re likely feeling guilty about something. You may want to do a quick sweep of the house for anything that has been destroyed, stolen, and/or eaten.

#6- Howling

Hearing high-pitched sounds, such as sirens, other dogs, or even music, may inspire your dog to try and mimic the sensation by howling.

#7- Excessive Licking

While scientists are still scratching their heads over this one, the common consensus is that licking is either a dog’s form of kissing you (they’re trying to imitate what their humans do), or they’re enjoying the taste of sweat on your skin (…yuck).

#8- “Roaching”

“Roaching” is the extremely scientific term for your dog sleeping on their back with paws to the sky. This means that they feel completely safe in their environment and secure enough to get extra-comfortable.

#9- Gift-Giving

While dogs may not understand that not everyone wants dirty laundry or a mouse as a gift, this generous gesture is their way of trying to make you happy.

#10- Wagging

Wagging of the tail is a dog’s favourite way of telling you that you’re doing everything right!

While some canine antics will always remain a mystery, hopefully with these tools you can have a bit more of a clue as to what is going on in their (very cute) heads.