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Japan is known for its endless supply of unique places to stay. Here are 5 styles of accommodation in Japan that will change the way you sleep abroad.

Japan's Coolest Capsule Hotel (Image Source Kotaku), crowdink.com, crowd ink, crowdink
Japan's Coolest Capsule Hotel (Image Source Kotaku)

Travel in Japan is known for its endless and almost overwhelming supply of unique things to do and places to stay. Here are five different styles of accommodation in Japan that will change the way you sleep when you travel for good.

Ryokan – Japan is known for its traditional inn’s known as Ryokan. At these peaceful and serene hotels, you can immerse yourself in the best of Japanese culture: put on your traditional robe after bathing in the steaming waters of an Onsen hot-spring bath, dine on fantastic Japanese cuisine and sleep on futons on the tatami floor. Japan in its most authentic, the Ryokan is a perfect way to take in what the country has to offer.

Ryokan Accommodation, www.crowdink.com
Ryokan Accommodation.

Love Hotel – For people who are more on the sultry side when they travel, a Japanese love hotel is the perfect way to be naughty whilst enjoying Japan. This short-stay hotel is ideal for couples wanting to test their sexual boundaries, if you are that way inclined. There are thousands of love hotels operating in Japan today and rooms have themes like Batman and casinos and even instant noodles. Saucy.

Capsule Hotel – Everybody knows about these hotels, and they don’t need much explaining. Basically they are just hotels with a large number of tiny rooms (capsules) that are intended for overnight stays for people not necessarily in need of the services offered by proper means of accommodation. Not for the claustrophobic, of course, this is a truly Japanese way to travel.

Capsule Hotel, www.crowdink.com
Capsule Hotels. Get to know your neighbors.

Minshuku – This is home staying in Japan, guests stay at the home of a Japanese family in order to get a taste of what it is like living in Japan. Guests share the experiences of the family they are staying with, it’s not luxury living, but it is an authentic way to accommodate yourself whilst in Japan. Live like the locals do.

Stay at Disneyland! – This may seem surprising to some but staying at Tokyo Disneyland, which contains numerous themed rooms based on Disney characters like Peter Pan and Alice, was something created for an older crowd. The Tokyo Disneyland resort is hugely popular among people from a slightly older age bracket, so much so that guests even get married at them! For princesses who love to travel.