5 Reasons that Flaws are Beautiful

In a world where flawless is supposed to be the ideal, why not look towards flaws as the new standard of ‘beautiful?’

Flaws are Beautiful [image source: gawker.com], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Flaws are Beautiful [image source: gawker.com]

Make-up extraordinaire and one of fashion’s most beloved names, Lucia Pica, believes that people with personality and imperfections make the most beautiful people in the world. Being a part of the industry since early 2008, Pica is one of the most creative and memorable makeup artists in her domain, always working with edgy and standout-ish looks in shoots, campaigns, and on the runway. Emphasising her mother as one of her greatest influences, she’s known to have stated that ‘seeing things in a simple, uncomplicated way is the best way to see the world – there’s something all dreamy and romantic about literally everything.’

Which is great, because in an industry that’s over-saturated with a need for perfection and pristine clear views with a strewn vision of what’s real, sometimes all it takes is just a reminder that flaws and imperfections are what makes an individual unique – from that scar under the cheek, to freckles to even the gap-tooth – what would be Lara Stone be without her memorable imperfection?

It’s definitely the little things that make everyone beautiful in their own way.

Here are 5 ways that imperfections work together to create perfection:

  1. Imperfections create character and personality
  2. Imperfections show a sense of courage and strength to be confident
  3. Imperfections create diversity in an otherwise mundane world
  4. Imperfections become loved and appreciated with age – they bring forth self-acceptance
  5. Imperfections change the understanding and perception of beauty as a universal thing

What do you think? What imperfections do you think are stunning? Comment below and let us know!