5 Pieces of Must-Have Universal Clothing


Here are some 2022 trends to look out for!

Universal clothing that can be worn as separates or mixed and matched with other pieces are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Here’s a list of five closet essentials that are faithful to your curves and never out of style:

Corset tops

Corsets are back, alright? One of the most trendy and fashionable pieces of clothing that can glam up your wardrobe is the corset. This waist-cutting beauty can be paired with anything, be it a pair of jeans, pants, or skirt. Worn under a blazer, it can be a sophisticated addition to your formal wear, or combined with a bomber jacket, it can serve as your go-to-clubbing outfit. It’s flattering and comfortable fit is the reason behind the infamous corset bras. All in all, this one is a keeper!


Striped shirts

A business as well as casual favourite – the striped shirt can never go wrong. Be it a business occasion or an afternoon lunch, our french favourite can add style to any outfit. What’s best is that there is no fit for this unisex apparel, it can be worn as a body fit match, or oversized and it’ll look equally cool. Choosing vertical stripes might elongate your appearance as well – can it get any better?



Havana, oo na na – O’Bandana! From wearing it around your neck to tightening it around your chest, Bandana can be worn in as many ways as you like. It’s easy to carry, wear and style which is why you need one for your wardrobe. If you like to DIY, you can try the most popular tie-dye prints and silk fabrics. Complete your look with a pair of earrings and sunglasses.


These apparels will simplify your closet and diversify your options – in good taste.