5 Delicious Versions of Your Favourite Pasta Dishes

Who said being vegan means you can’t indulge your love for Italian food?

5 Delicious Versions of Your Favourite Pasta Dishes

If there is one thing most people in this world can agree on, it’s that Italian food is truly one of life’s greatest joys. The carbs, cheesiness and rich flavour that comes with it makes it hard not to love. Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give it up, either – here are five of the best recipes for your favourite pasta dishes that are totally veganised.


Cooked in a hearty sauce with spinach and tomato, this gnocchi will satisfy any pasta craving.


A good carbonara is the ultimate comfort food, and when you can cook it in just 15 minutes, it’s even better.


Not only have three non-vegans given the seal of approval to this recipe (which is pretty much the highest praise it could get), it’s got 4.84 stars from 307 ratings.

Spag Bol

This recipe has 7 five star reviews – need I say more?


Try out this totally homemade ravioli with pomodoro sauce, which features tofu in the filling, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing on your protein intake.