5 Dating Platforms that Do It Better

Don’t be let down by endless dating profiles. You can now find love based on more criteria than your measurements and location.

4 Dating Platforms that Do It Better [image source: huffington post], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
4 Dating Platforms that Do It Better [image source: huffington post]


Are you currently struggling in the love department and are just sick and tired of flicking through people’s boring profiles on Tinder and getting nowhere? Don’t feel let down by the World Wide Web as there are many other dating sites and apps that you probably haven’t tried yet. What’s great about these less commonly known dating sites and apps is that they target a specific type of person and demographic, whether you’re bookworm, a vegan, or a gym junkie.

Here are 5 free dating sites and apps for you to try which will hopefully find you your one and only.

  1. Alikewise

This is the go-to dating site for all of you bookworms out there who love curling up on the couch and reading a good book or two and want the opportunity to discover your fellow bookworm companion. When you sign up and register for Alikewise you are automatically matched with people who share the same list of favourite authors, poets, genres, et cetera as you. This is a great place to share your thoughts, interests, and passion for books and reading and meet that same like-minded person.

  1. FitnessDates

For all those gym junkies and fitness freaks, FitnessDates is the best bet to finding your perfect match. You will be sure to come across a number of runners, athletes, personal trainers, and yoga lovers so go ahead and get cracking.

  1. Tastebuds

Available on the Apple store and through Facebook, Tastebuds is the perfect app for those who have an appreciation for music. It’s designed for you to find people who love the same music genres, artists, or bands as you, and also allows you to discover new music based on your current music interests. Tastebuds is a perfect way to meet and bond with someone who shares the same passion as you.

  1. ALIGN

A recently developed dating app that specifically focuses on the users’ horoscope and “aligns” users by their rising moons, daily constellation, astrological element as well as their zodiac sign. The only downside is that it’s currently only available in Los Angeles, New York, and The Bay; however that will most likely change very soon.

  1. VeggieConnection.com

This dating website is your go-to for meeting and developing a new relationship with someone who is also a vegetarian or vegan, foodie, and follows a strict diet like you. VeggieConnection.com will guarantee you to have a great first date without making the other person feel awkward or uncomfortable about you being a vegetarian, vegan, or a massive food junkie.

Are there other dating sites or apps that you have found to be successful for your love life? Comment below.

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