The 5 Best Ferris Bueller Moments for the Film’s 30th Birthday

Whether you’re studying or working, Ferris Bueller will always be there to remind you of what’s really important – having fun!

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Ferris Bueller

It’s a classic that everyone’s watched once in their life and we need to celebrate John Hughes’ fun and carefree Ferris Bueller’s Day Off turning 30 this month! To celebrate this momentous occasion, let’s thank the 1986 cult classic for not only giving us endless attire and lifestyle #goals, but also for teaching us that there’s always more to life than what meets the eyes because in the true words of Ferris himself if you don’t stop to look around everyone once in a while, you might miss it.

Let’s take a look at all the times that Ferris Bueller and company wanted us to drop what we were doing and go have some fun (without stealing dad’s Ferrari.)

1. When Ferris and the crew went to the museum, managed to fit in with a group of kids, and had a moment of fake-deep introspective thinking.

2. When Ferris and bestie Cameron managed to pull the best ever prank call to get out of school. (We’ve all had to pretend to be a parent to get out of class before, right?)

3. When Ferris defied the rules of fine dining by squeezing his way into a high-end restaurant by using the classic pseudonym, Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago.

4. When Ferris surprised Sloane and Cameron by reving up an entire crowd to dance and sing along with him to ‘Twist and Shout’.

5. When Ferris managed to break Sloane out from the school gates (with Cameron in the backseat) and took everyone for a fun drive to downtown Chicago.