4 Weird Foods & Where To Find Them

Some of the weirdest and wackiest food trends in Melbourne.

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Matcha Mylkbar - Blue Algae Latte

Melbourne is renowned for its cafe culture, its superior coffee and for being impossibly trendy. Here are some of the more unusually unique foods currently being consumed in Melbourne.

Matcha Mylkbar – Blue Algae Latte

Alternatively named the Smurf Latte, this vibrant blue brew, invented by St. Kilda based cafe Matcha Mylkbar, is created by slowly combining live E3 algae, ginger, lemon rice malt and warm frothy coconut milk. Blue algae boasts a variety of health benefits, assisting with weight loss, heart health and inflammation reduction. Promoting a strong focus on health and sustainability, Matcha Mylkbar additionally serves several other super-food lattes, including the immune strengthening  Mushroom, the mood balancing Charcoal, and the antioxidant-rich Purple Peanut Butter. 

Reverence Hotel – Chocolate Nachos

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Reverence Hotel – Chocolate Nachos

The Reverence Hotel in Footscray is taking comfort food to the next level, by serving up chocolate tortilla chips in a rich chocolate sauce, a topped with crushed nuts and ice cream. Renowned for their drool-inducing creative food combos (many of which can be vegan-ised), the Rev’s menu also includes pork-belly tacos, cheeseburger pizzas and chocolate chili empanadas.

Bad Frankie – Lamington Jaffles

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Bad Frankie’s Lamington Jaffles

Combining two of Australia’s most iconic foods, trendy Fitzroy jaffle joint Bad Frankie have gone viral for their Aussie AF Lamington Toasted Sanga, a chocolate soaked, coconut covered sponge cake, filled with jam and cream. Their incredibly intriguing jaffle menu includes Bangers & Mash, Butter Chicken and Hot Jam Donut.

The Kitchen at Weylandts – Deconstructed Coffee

crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowdink, crowd ink, Deconstructed Coffee From The Kitchen, Weylandts in Abbotsford (Image Source: Facebook)
Deconstructed Coffee From The Kitchen, Weylandts in Abbotsford (Image Source: Facebook)

Perhaps the most Melbourne-ised beverage in existence, The Kitchen at Weytlands cafe in Abbotsford caused quite a hip-stir last year with their infamous Deconstructed Long Macchiato. Serving up hot water, coffee and milk, in three separate glass beakers on a rustic wooden board, the concept of the deconstructed coffee was intended to give consumers the opportunity to create a DIY caffeine hit, with their own milk-to-water-to-coffee ratio. Cafes are now competing for the most bizarrely served joe, with coffee since being administered in waffle cones (Cook & Archie’s Cafe, Surry Hills) and avocado skins (Truman Cafe, Albert Park).

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