4 Tips for Cozying Up Your Living Room

Lounges are meant for lounging. And your lounging space could always be cozier. Find out how here.

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Cozy Living Room

No matter the season, your living room could always be cozier. Think lush fabrics, warm hues, and czsy lighting that will have you never wanting to leave your lounge. Here are r ways to turn up the heat that can be done fast.

1. Mood Lighting

Bright downlights are out and it’s all about the mood. Think long afternoons lounging on the sofa with a cup of tea, and lazy dinner parties with friends while it’s raining outside. Create a warm ambiance by switching off the overhead lights and turning on a floor or table lamp. Candles also make a room feel warm and cozy, and work perfectly in candelabras for a dinner party. If using real candles, be sure to place them onto a tray so that wax doesn’t drip all over your table. For a safer, cleaner option, pick up a set of flameless battery-operated candles that have the same effect without the hassle.

2. Soft Textures

When the wind is howling outside or the rain is beating down against the window, there is nothing nicer than cozying up to a soft blanket with a plump cushion and a good book. Invest in a soft wool, cashmere, or velvet throw rug that can be stored in a cupboard or chest for the warmer months and brought out in winter (or on those rare stormy summer nights). Throw rugs add texture, color, and coziness to any simple lounge, so they’re the quickest way to give your room a revamp if you’re not ready to invest in a new lounge suite or chairs. You can also switch your usual cushions for some larger ones in different colours and textures. Knitted cushions, faux fur, and thick woven fabrics are the most inviting on chillier nights, and gentle against the skin.

3. Switch the Color

When switching out cushions for cozier ones and throw rugs, why not switch up the color too? Bright colors that have worked for years can become a little overpowering the longer they’re out, so opt for darker, more moody hues like navy, grey, brown and cream to totally cozy up your living space. Depending on the color palette of your room, a pop of color like a deep red or dark green can work wonders for bringing the room to life in the cool weather.

4. Frame the Room

The key to coziness is creating a space that feels comfy and safe; and the easiest way to do this is to frame the space. A large rug in a contrasting color to the floorboards or carpet underneath works well, and also adds comfort over hard floors. Look for one with a soft texture, patterns, or deep colors for added wow factor. Moving up the walls, a great way to frame a room and create a cozy, enclosed feeling without losing natural light is to add soft sheer curtains. These let light in but create a softness, and add a touch of luxury that works well with textured rugs and throw rugs. Another way to frame the room is to invest in a large artwork. If you have an empty wall space, think about adding a large framed work, something that fills the space above a lounge, or floor to ceiling. This works especially well in an open plan living space to create separation between the living and dining or kitchen areas. A large artwork that takes up the wall space in the living area acts to draw you into a space, making it feel cozier.

Transforming your home into a comfy haven doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Invest in key, classic pieces that transcend the seasons, stay true to your personal style, and avoid hot trends, and you’ll be set for cooler weather not just this year, but through many more to come.