4 Simple Ways to eat Greener Everyday

Doing your bit for the environment is made easy with these diet switches.

4 Simple Ways to eat Greener Everyday
  1. Switch to a plant milk for a meal each day
    There are a plethora of easy breakfast and dessert recipes that incorporate plant milks like almond, soy and coconut as opposed to animal milks. These milks also bring a different flavour to dishes that your everyday cows milk doesn’t. Consider this chia overnight-oats recipe or even this personally tried-and-tested chocolate muffin one (with the option to cut out gluten as well).

  2. Cut out red meat for a day less than usual

Not only does staying away from red meat just for a day a week reap a multitude of health benefits, it has a positive impact on more than just one element of our ecosystem. A single kilo of lamb, for example, is equivalent to 146 kilometres worth of CO2 emissions. Beef also requires 15,000L of water per every kilo.

3. Swap your proteins around

Most meals you’ll eat tend to have one distinct protein element, which makes it easier to swap it out for plant-based protein sources if the protein source is meat. Quinoa, buckwheat and soy are all considered healthy and complete substitutes, and protein-mixing is also a viable option.

4. Consider whether you’re getting enough veggies in the first place

A measly 7% of Aussies are estimated to be eating their recommended 5 serves of vegetables a day. Taking out meat in one meal a day can give you the opportunity to replace it with nutrient-rich veggies that you may otherwise not have room for, meaning that you’re both protecting the planet and looking after your body.

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