3 Ways to Make More Space in Your Closet


Easy, budget-friendly and quick!

Tired of finding your favorite top from a pile of clothing? We feel you! And here we are with three easy ways for you to get rid of and re-organize that stack.

An adjustable telescopic clothing rack. 

If you like hanging your clothes, investing in Ovela’s premium adjustable telescoping will double your existing closet space. No tools required and no wall damage – yes, you read that right! This easy-to-set-up and fully adjustable rack will hold all your clothes in one place perfectly. You can use color-coded hangers to differentiate spaces for jeans, jackets, t-shirts, dresses, etc.


The Japanese Art of Folding.

This works! Following the Japanese way of folding and storing clothing will not only save you tons of space but also get rid of the wrinkles that come up otherwise. It might take a while to get your hands on this technique but once you do, there is no going back. Your wardrobe will look a lot more decluttered and minimalistic.


Add different types of storage.

One of the best things you can do to your wardrobe is to equip it with different types of storage. For instance, a vertical clothes-hanging rack, some floor shelves, and wall-hooks can fit all types of your belongings in an easy and tidy manner. These add-ons can supplement your storage space without changing the overall layout. Further, these are easy to remove so you don’t have to stress about any permanent damages.


Whilst these ways are sure shot solutions for transforming your closet, you can always choose to donate some of the extra pieces that you no longer need. The rule of thumb is simple if you haven’t used that apparel in the last year – you’re never going to use it. So, might as well do good by yourself and others as you give it away to someone in need.