3 Things That Could Ruin Your Trip if you Forget Them

Don’t leave home without these essentials

3 Things That Could Ruin Your Trip if you Forget Them

More often than not we leave home proud of how super organised we were about packing for this holiday, only to arrive at your destination to realise that you have definitely left something behind that you meant to bring with you. Lucky you can normally go without whatever you’ve forgotten but forgetting some things could make or break your trip.

Your passport
Pretty self-explanatory I know, but you’d be surprised how often we do this, leaving your passport at home isn’t just inconvenient it could mean that you miss your flight by having to turn around to get it. Get yourself a passport holder or a TileMate. A little tile you slip into your passport with an App on your phone so that if you do happen to lose the most essential item, you’ll be able to find it again in no time.

This is more in relation to everyday medicine items, not specific prescriptions (but please don’t forget those either). Often, we head on holiday and have to interrupt a day jam packed with activities to go get lip balm or some Panadol. Avoid having to make that trip by bringing along a little first-aid kit that you keep well stocked with Band-Aids, tissues, cough lollies etc. 

Itinerary Confirmations
Now this one isn’t something that must of us pack ever, but if you’re heading off an overseas trip it’s a really good idea to be organised ahead of time and print off your confirmations. This way if you arrive at a hotel and for some reason don’t have Wi-Fi or can’t find the confirmation email, there won’t be a hassle because you can whip out your trusty itinerary folder and be on your way!