3 Stylish Ways to Be Sun Smart This Summer

Sunscreen (Image Source: Hello Giggles)
Sunscreen (Image Source: Hello Giggles)

Here in Australia Summer can be harsh and the sweltering heat from the sun can be hard to escape. We are all susceptible to UV rays every day and according to the Melanoma Institute of Australia there is predicted to be 15,229 cases of melanoma diagnosed in 2019.With these confronting statistics it is important to ensure we are all protecting ourselves from sun damage. But it doesn’t have to be daggy at all, there are a few simple pieces that we can include into our outfits this Summer to ensure we are protected.


While hats were once mandatory in school, as adults there is no one telling us we can’t play outside without one anymore and as a result our heads are often left exposed as we commute to work or when we are on our lunch breaks. With so many stylish brands available in Australia for every budget there is no reason not to incorporate one into your daily routine. In fact, a hat can be a simple addition to your outfit and with the added benefit of sun protection it’s a win-win.

 Protective swimwear

One of the many ways Australians try to escape the heat is by migrating to one of our many beautiful beaches. Though we forget the added risks of sun damage when we are swimming. Many sunscreens are only water resistant for a few hours and it can be hard to remember to reapply. Opting for swimwear that covers you is a stress-free way of minimising the chance of sun damage. Australian swimwear label Charlee Swim(LINK) has released a range of long and short sleeve rashies that make covering up look chic.


With much of the focus of sun protection being on our skin we can forget to protect our eyes from harsh rays. Ensuring we have a good quality pair of sunglasses is essential for proper eye protection.