3 Psychological Benefits that Come With Plant Parenting

Indoor plants deliver more goodness than just great looks.

3 Psychological Benefits that come with Plant Parenting

I never thought that I would be an indoor plant person. I barely know how to cook, let alone look after a plant. It was only after I discovered that my friend was a father to thirty green and growing marvels that I thought, why not add some colour to my own life?

Sitting on my bedhead grows a parlour palm or a chamaedorea elegans if you want to be specific. It’s been growing for over five months and despite my doubts over whether it would live, I can happily say that it’s thriving.

Indoor plants and succulents appear to be the latest household trend, no matter where you live. They bring a splash of greenery to the room and a sign of life. But aside from their prettiness and aesthetic, there is something rather soothing about parenting a plant. 

The psychological benefits that come with plants tend to go unnoticed as we become absorbed in their beauty. If the visualisation of dangling vines and bustling shrubs hasn’t convinced you to become a plant parent yet, here’s what science says about owning a plant.

  1. Indoor Plants Reduce Stress

The bacteria in the soil of a plant are similar to the ‘feel-good’ endorphins that you produce while exercising, and act as a natural anti-depressant that can boost your mood. While exercise may be more effective at stress-release, admiring a plant’s beauty also has the power to relieve stress.

2. Plants have the Power to Heal

Okay, not literally, but being within a close proximity to a plant can initiate thoughts of calmness and healing when one is recovering from an injury. In fact, horticulture therapy is recommended by therapists to patients who are recovering from surgery or other trauma.   

3. Plants can Drive Productivity

Plants aren’t just placed in the home or office for looks. They have the power to clean the air around you, reducing CO2 levels and removing the dust, bacteria and mould that floats through the air. They also absorb sound waves, helping you stay focused on your work by shielding the noise distractions around you.

Plants are like chips – you can’t just have one. Find a cute pot and a dainty plant and fall in love with the indoor-plant culture today!