3 Overrated Travel Destinations- You Won’t Believe.

3 places that suck. (Maybe not, I’m just being a jerk).

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London Grime

Everyone says to go to these places: they’re so cultural, they’re so awesome and the nightlife is great and so is the food and the people are so lovely and friendly. Well, in my opinion, they’re not. They are overcrowded, expensive, and the nightlife sucks and the people are rushed and unfriendly, but of course this is just a subjective opinion. It ain’t fact, but hopefully you can find some common ground.

Actually I hope you don’t, because I’m being a jerk.

  1. London

If there is one place I will never understand people having a love for its London. I wanted to go there ever since seeing Love Actually. Richard Curtis had me in the belief that London was this fairytale city covered in snow and with friendly, charming people and a clumsy Prime Minister gallivanting around looking for his secretary who he’s really in love with.

London is really dirty, there’s a crazy person on every street corner, and there are also scary chavs everywhere that want to rob you. Not to mention it’s ridiculously expensive: you can’t get away with paying less than six pounds for a pint and the metro (which is really creepy and actually looks like it’s straight out of Orwell’s 1984) will cost you almost as much as it did to fly there in the first place.

  1. Hanoi

This city, granted, is a swirling mass of people burning on scooters, good food, and awesome markets, but it also really has its downsides. Due to there being so many people burning around on scooters the traffic is madness, which isn’t great when you’re stuck in a cab with no air conditioning during whatever season it is there that makes it like, 45 degrees.

The food is great, but the hygiene is terrible. If you’re at risk of getting violently ill anywhere in South East Asia it’s here: watch out for that bowl of pho you bought from some street-side vendor, it’s probably crawling with bacteria.

  1. Miami

The city of sun, sand and groovy neon lights is actually quite boring: there’s just nothing really to do there. Once you’ve wandered around the stretch of land that is South Beach you will find not so much to do elsewhere. And then you have to avoid some crazed drug addict when coming back down Washington Avenue – not too safe at night, I don’t think. Apart from that it’s really pretty; oh I’ve probably said enough haven’t I? There’s no coming back from all that. Sorry Miamians.

These are just three places I never really enjoyed – people love London, people get a kick out of Hanoi and find elegance in Miami. If you disagree, feel free to comment. I don’t mind.