12 Quirky Days that Give you an Excuse to Celebrate

2020 has been the ultimate party pooper but that doesn’t mean all other festivities should be put on hold.

12 Quirky Days that Give You an Excuse to Celebrate

The pandemic has been nothing but a killjoy for any sort of celebration this calendar year. We’ve seen big birthday milestones go virtual, easter egg hunts cancelled and god forbid, our precious AFL grand final is kicking goals in another state. Not to mention the fact that New Year’s Eve will be a whole different sort of celebration to what we’re used to. 

While our celebratory moods were shut down by constant devastation, our days of saying ‘hurrah’ aren’t over just yet. And just in case you want to party harder than ever, here are twelve more festivities that give you an excuse to celebrate.

  1. Kick Off the Year with Ditch Your Resolution Day. 

You’ve spent all of 2020 waiting for the day when you can let loose again. On January 17 you can officially break all those self-made promises and get on with living your life to the fullest. 

2. Forget Valentine’s Day, it’s Love Your Pet Day.

Show your appreciation for your furry, feathery or scaly friend on February 20. A good scratch, tasty treat and lots of love will make any pet’s day. 

  1. Literally Disconnect Yourself from the Social World with the Day of Unplugging.

This day sounds like some title for a zombie film, but trust me it’s far from it. Switch off your phone, shut down your computer and step out into the real world on March 3. 

  1. Bust Out in Your Mom Jeans on Denim Day.

April 25 gives you a legitimate reason to wear denim on denim no matter what the kings and queens of the fashion world say. 

  1. This One’s for you Educators! 

Thank the ones who taught you on Thank a Teacher Day. Make their day on May 2 extra special by showing your appreciation with a little bit of love and lots of sweet treats.

  1. Leave the Office Early Day.

Perhaps get your boss’ permission before you do this one, but hey there’s nothing like clocking off early on June 4. 

  1. Get your Pineapple on with Pina Colada Day.

That sound is you humming the lyrics to Rupert Holmes’ ‘Escape’. If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, July 10 is the day for you. 

  1. Lefties, Don’t think we’ve Forgotten About You.

August 13 is the one day all you left-handers have over us righties. 

  1. Argh Me Hearties it’s Talk like a Pirate Day.

Pretty self-explanatory, September 19 allows you to bring out your inner captain hook. 

  1. Get the Coffee Beans Grinding for International Coffee Day.

Coffee lovers, support your local baristas on October 1 by buying a cup. Especially after last year, they’ll need all the love they can get.

  1. To All Small Business Owners, This One’s for You!

November 21 is a day of celebration for all the budding business owners out there with National Entrepreneurs Day. Why not get the crew together and take the time to celebrate all that your business has achieved.

  1. Start Baking Santa’s Cookies on Cookie Day.

Everyone loves a gingerbread tree and iced Christmas stars. Start practising your Christmas cooking on December 4 with National Cookie Day.
Don’t let the grinch of 2020 stop you from celebrating what you appreciate the most. Along with these quirky days that we didn’t know existed, lies many more. There’s pretty much a day for everything which means you can celebrate as much as your heart desires.