Saving Money on Campus: Tips for Living on a Student Budget

Here are three tips to help cut back the costs of your study expenses.


While studying in-person is great for the resources and social experience, the spending aspect can be hard to resist. If you’re finding it hard to save money during your class visits, these three suggestions can reduce your daily expenses.

  1. Bringing Lunch

Although visiting the campus food court is always tempting, limiting your reliance on it will save you lots of money by the year’s end. Most campuses will provide microwaves, kettles, and anything else you need to enjoy your lunch supplied from home.

2. Cutting Back Coffee

While one cup of coffee will only set you back a small amount, the cost quickly adds up across multiple days and weeks. Bringing your own drink in the mornings will have you covered, and if you need a refill during the day, most cafes will offer you a discount for having a reusable cup.

3. Considering Your Transport

One of the most significant university expenses is transport, so thinking carefully about your method of arriving and leaving will help cut back costs. Parking is often expensive, so carpooling with a friend or travelling via concession Myki may be more budget-friendly options.

With these three tips, you can still make the most of your campus visits- without having to stretch your budget.

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