#WCW: Ladies Helping Ladies

We couldn’t pick just one #WCW. Here’s to “sisters doing it for themselves,” but also women helping out other women.

Cold Picnic [image source: cold picnic], crowdink, crowd ink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Cold Picnic [image source: cold picnic]

It’s been a little while since Aretha Franklin and The Eurythmics sung about the “sisters doing it for themselves.”

And while I would say sisters doing it for themselves is very important, I’d also argue that sisters helping other sisters is equally as important.

I recently watched The Dressmaker – a movie about talented dressmaker Tilly Dunnage (Kate Winslet) who made the decision to move home to a tiny rural Australian town after years away working for successful fashion designers. The result of her work in the small town is a group of empowered women who look like they’ve stepped off a runway walking around in a dusty, middle of nowhere town.

Women helping enhance the lives of other ladies aren’t only on the big screen and below I’ve come up with a list of ladies helping other ladies live life to the full.

Tami Reiss – Chief Executive of Cyrus Innovation and creator of the app Just Not Sorry

Ms Reiss, the legend, has actually gone so far on her crusade for the ladies as to create an app which helps women say sorry in the workplace less. The app highlights each time a user types sorry or other phrases which suggest they aren’t as knowledgeable or accomplished as they are into an email.

Thank you.

Debbie Sardone – President and Founder, Cleaning for a Reason

Ms Sardone started cleaning for a reason after a client at her Buckets and Bows Maids Service said she couldn’t afford her cleaning as she was undergoing cancer treatment.

The company’s mission is to gift women undergoing cancer treatment with a free cleaning service.

Joanna McFarland – Founder and CEO, HopSkipDrive

Joanna is a serious businesswomen and mum who set up HopSkipDrive, a personalised taxi service specifically for children, with two other women to take the stress out of driving children around.

The managers of HopSkipDrive watch every ride in real time and allow mums and dads to follow along with their child’s ride. The drivers are also screened extensively including fingerprinting.

Honourable Mention:

Phoebe Sung – part owner operator, Cold Picnic

Phoebe and her partner run Cold Picnic (so technically it’s not just a sister, but we digress). They’ve created a line of home goods and jewellery together which is fun. However, what is even more fun is the fact that one of them is literally a ladies rug on a rug. I’d lay that on my floor. There’s also a pair of boobs on a rug. Double the fun.

While owning this rug wouldn’t necessarily make a woman’s life easier, it’s always great to celebrate who we are as females.

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