The One Thing You’ve Been Waiting All Day to Hear

If you don’t feel this way about customers, you’re in the wrong business.

The One Thing You’ve Been Waiting All Day to Hear,,, crowd ink, crowdink
The One Thing You’ve Been Waiting All Day to Hear

There’s a particular quality about all solo business owners that they want you to know – particularly if you are a consumer of their product or service. I’ll take the liberty of speaking on their behalf when I tell you:

“You, as a person, interest me more than you could ever know.”

You see, business owners need to be interested in one thing first and foremost over anything else…


You, as the consumer, are what keeps us up at night, what we think about during lunch, and what we talk about with our other friends in business.

We wonder about what you want to see more of, hear less of, and experience whole-heartedly.

We estimate your annual revenue, what you put aside for a rainy day, and how much you invest in your own personal growth.

We think about what might keep you up at night, what thoughts you wake up with, and whether you think today will be better than yesterday.

You are the most interesting topic on the planet to us, and you will remain that way until this thing called life comes to an end.

This isn’t necessarily because all you amount to is ‘dollar signs’ to the best business owner – in fact, quite the opposite.

The best business owners and sales professionals know that the money is the last thing that actually happens at the end of the day.

The money is simply a reflection of all the work we put in before the signature goes on the dotted line. The money is simply a reflection of one thing first and foremost: How much did we care about the people?

Everything you see around you that has stemmed from business, every dollar ever passed through any hands, every incredible innovation to date has all been passed through one important factor:

Yep, you guessed it… people!

It is impossible to consider the profits without first considering the components that made it possible to begin with. The people will always come first and they will always be an undying interest to the business owners and top sales professionals of the world.

It is only by being interested in people  that we as business owners can discover how to truly best serve the needs of our buyers – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So as you move about your day just remember:

You are incredibly interesting right now.

Maybe not to the person sitting across from you on the train, maybe not to the gentleman that just served you that coffee you’re drinking, but most definitely to the millions of business owners and sales professionals whose job it is to improve your experience of life through what they deliver every single day.