The Battlefield of Business

How do you get the training needed to fight and win on the battlefield of business in 2017?

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The Battlefield Of Business (source: Drexel University)

Let’s face it, 2018 was a tough year for some businesses.

It’s been a bloody battlefield for some, scattered with the corpses of those that didn’t survive.

Those businesses that did survive have been pushed into a defensive position where they are fighting to survive.

The enemy is strong.

And if you don’t have the tactical strategies to keep your team alive, the enemy will kill you.

Staff are exhausted, run down and in desperate need of a resupply. They’ll need some strong inspiration and leadership to prepare them to go back onto that battlefield and win in 2017.

Business owners need a strategic plan of attack as well as the skills to execute it well to maintain their position in the market and especially to achieve growth.

Just like being on a battlefield, it is about survival at this point.

And those with strongest team will have the odds in their favour.

How do you make sure YOU are the one standing out in the market? How do you get the training needed to fight and win on the battlefield of business in 2017?

1. Regroup and reposition

You DO NOT want to start the battle in a defensive position, that is, you want to begin the year from a position of offence.

Attack or be attacked. Get your team together, get them the training that is needed reinforce personal leadership, so they can move forward with the strength and resilience required to manage positional and structural changes as well as the ability to engage in robust conversations

2. Strategise your plan of attack

A good leadership model bridging the gap between desired leadership behaviours and current leadership capabilities is essential for measurable standards across all areas. In particular, expectation and execution – how are you going to equip your staff for any situation that might arise on the battlefield?

3. Critical alignment

Utilise every person well- who belongs where, what tasks and responsibilities are best suited to which team member? Where does coaching and support need to happen? Is it in the thinking and mindset of the group? Is it in the systems and structures of the company? Is it in the implementation and execution of the mission? Or is it in the individual team members? Does there need to be some 1:1 support available to maintain the integrity of the entire team? Where are you going for 2017 and who’s on the boat?

4. Say NO.

“There will always be more good ideas than there is capacity to execute” – 4DX

An ongoing stream of research, meeting, consultations and planning sessions means nothing will change. While you’re having another meeting to decide the best course of action, your competitor is out there doing it and you get left behind. Like I said – it’s all about survival. Think strategically, choose one main course of action and train the team.

5. Attack – Execute the plan

Move from vague strategic intent to measurable specific finish lines. This is where you have to invest in your people. How do they communicate? What are their motivating factors? How do they receive information? What is their leadership style?

“The enemy’s coming from the North, go over there and defeat them” said no commander ever. Leadership is not always about innovation, sometimes it’s about what’s best for the greater good, the team. Each of your staff members is a leader in charge of executing their tasks to ensure mission success.

Leave no man (or woman) behind.

If you want to know how I can help your staff and your business

  • create a killer strategy execute it with volition
  • influence others to accomplish a mission
  • lead a team and be a valuable part of a team
  • maintain direction and motivation to recover from a tough market
  • prime your team for operation readiness to keep you in front of the pack

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Like I said – somebody’s got to lose…

You don’t want it to be you.