Seamless Expo Investigates the Future of Payments in Business

Seamless is an event for all businesses looking for that secret ingredient to success.

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Commerce is an ever changing, high demand industry that thrives on the ability to adapt, change and excel in all fields. It is absolutely necessary for even the big businesses to be well versed and flexible in changing their company to suit the constant demands of today, and of the future.

But how can one adequately achieve understanding of the growth and future of commerce? Where can you find expert advice from innovators and professionals in the industry? And what would truly benefit and adapt to your business?

Well, this year, there’s a way to have all those questions answered and more. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is fortunate enough to be the home of brand new Seamless expo, an event designed to connect businesses and companies nationwide through discussion and debate on how to better their businesses. Influencers and leaders from around and the world come to shed light on their expertise, aimed at helping your business, and the future of business itself. Seamless will give you the opportunity to learn from the best, and discover optimum methods suited for your business.

The expo, held from May 10th to 11th, is separated into three sections. The first section is Payments, and its one that many may not prioritize enough.

Payments focuses on the payment, banking and finance fields of business; an area that is rapidly changing and demands a sound willingness to adapt. Companies can easily fall behind if they aren’t ably suited to learn and change to this fast paced environment, and Seamless endeavours to prevent this by giving you access to panels and conferences from experts all over the world; from 21st century influencers, to global leaders.

The finance world today has changed drastically. Consumers of the future demand convenience, and efficiency, opting for the quickest way to manage their money. Customers can now pay just by tapping their phone, they can get money out of the ATM without the need for a card, they follow after businesses that offer payment schemes that are flexible and versatile, and won’t stand for anything else.

So how can you adjust to this customer demand? How can you not only adapt to a hands free, online and rapidly changing world of payment, but thrive on it? Well, the speakers organized for Payments can help, discussing real problems faced and combatted by businesses today and educating eventgoers on such topics as the future of biometrics, payment security and Blockchains.

The Seamless Payments conference will hear from representatives who specialize in this area, giving you access to presentations, panels, workshops and Fintech speed pitches that are designed to give businesses the opportunity to discuss, debate and understand the future of money.

So if your business is looking for that needed leg-up in the finance sector and wants to get a better understanding of everything money related, make sure to book into the Seamless Payments conference. Speakers will include Kasper Sylvest on the Danish app MobilePay, Rebekah Campbell on app Hey You, and a number of other professionals who’ve excelled in the finance focused area of commerce.

For more information, head to Seamless Expo, to download the brochure and to see how you can take full advantage of the go-to business hub of the year.