Rhima Technology Provides Labour Shortage Solution For Hospitality Industry

  • An Australian innovation comes to the rescue behind-the-scenes at golf’s Australian Open event.
  • Family-owned Australian business solves labour shortage in hospitality.

With hospitality staff at an all-time low, Rhima Australia’s tailor-made washing and polishing innovations are nothing short of a lifesaver for an already struggling industry heading into their peak season.

Thanks to innovative robotic technology, businesses can say goodbye to the need for staff polishing hundreds of knives, forks, and spoons, saving time, money, and resources – all while improving cleaning quality.

Rhima’s technological and robotic loading and unloading options  cut down on energy costs, reduce breakage, remove the need for laborious tasks such as polishing to be completed, and free up staff to do other higher-value jobs.

The upcoming ISPS HANDA Australian Open 2022 at Victoria Golf Club from December 1-4 is one business set to clean up with this innovative technology. When the golf club inquired about underbench glasswashers, the Rhima team assessed the situation and provided a sustainable solution that would also save the club labour  during busy breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, ensuring a seamless delivery of service to the expected additional patrons attending the international event. .

Mark Hollingsworth, CEO of Rhima Australia, says:

“Rhima innovative solutions are a game changer for Australian events and hospitality venues. In today’s market with the current labour challenges, it is all about utilising your employees where you need them most and not manually doing dishes. A lot of customers we come across are still hand washing – not only is it no longer safe to do this but it costs more money in water, electrical consumption, and labour costs. Our machines are versatile and can wash many different items. Rhima work with clients to find the best solutions that will tick all the boxes, including the impact on the environment. For example, a recent install at the Cove Hotel meant the venue could free up a kitchenhand to be utilised somewhere else, where they were more needed. Customers don’t generally realise how much Rhima can help.”

The family-owned Melbourne business has been providing hygienic, sustainable, and labour-saving washing solutions to organisations operating in industries from hospitality and medical to manufacturing and farming since 1990.

Many brand names in any supermarket aisle trust a Rhima washer as part of the production process; major hospitals rely on a Rhima washer to disinfect medical products; and farmers turn to a Rhima washer to ensure their storage materials meet biosecurity requirements.

And while many clients contact Rhima to replace a traditional washer, their service provides on-site consultations and advice on the best overall cleaning solution for their individual needs in line with their available space.

“Our motto is we wash anything – apart from people and cars. We find a way to wash and meet the standards required, from hospital washing and disinfection to aged care homes and food services, from manufacturers requiring HACCP washing guarantees to logistic crate/pallet pooling companies supplying the food chain and major supermarket delivery chains. We give your business repeatable wash results through superior wash performance and automation to keep industry moving.”


For more information visit rhima.com.au