Karolina Carrera Wants to Help Unlock Your Potential

The author shares with us the beauty of freeing your inner strength.

Karolina Carrera From Level Up
Karolina Carrera From Level Up

In our everyday lives, we often accept what we are told about our future. It can be incredibly challenging to escape society’s notions and follow your own path. Luckily, Karolina Carrera has found the tools and strategies to help us harness our full, untapped potential and find the confidence to take control of our destiny.

Crowdink spoke to Karolina about the secrets to unlocking the inner strength waiting to be reached within all of us.

What is the title of your book?

The title of my book is Level Up: Harnessing the Immense Power of You.

What is the most significant idea or concept in your book you would like to share with the world? 

I want the world to know that every one of our lives is a miracle. There are no mistakes in creation, and you were put on this earth not only to survive- but to thrive. The ultimate gift of being human is our ability to harness the immense power within us. Discovering our full potential may appear challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you find the right tools and frameworks and treat these as invaluable resources, you inevitably gain momentum. The secret to seeing and feeling the magnificent results of your work is trust. Trust the quiet voice within you, the nudges, the seemingly impossible coincidences. Sliding door moments are signs for you to move, uncover, decide, and act. It’s crucial to have faith that you are on the right path, and you are the creator of your reality. It’s time to turn off the auto-pilot and take over the driver’s seat of your life.

How will these concepts benefit the lives of your readers?

One of the most beautiful aspects of life is the moment when we realise our destiny is our own and that we are in complete control of how it unfolds. My message for my readers is fundamentally one of self-empowerment. I want nothing more than to share tried and tested tools and strategies to create and nurture magnificent inner strength within anyone. Many of us are held back on our journey of self-growth by societal notions of ‘this is how things are, and how they have to remain’. I hope to share the tools to overcome these barriers and build an unbreakable inner power of resilience and focus.

Where can people find your book, and how can they connect with you?

You can find Level Up: Harnessing the Immense Power of You at  


You can reach me at



Have you always felt as if you’re not living up to your capabilities or wish to take life into your own hands? Karolina Carrera’s Level Up: Harnessing the Immense Power of You is the answer you’ve been searching for.